About us

I HAVE WINGS started in 2004, creating outfits and custom dolls from a cluttered atelier in a corner of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The hands behind IHW belong to Romina Galotta, who graduated from Film Making and Graphic Design, but is now working as a scenery designer and illustrator/visual artist. She makes all the outfits and accesories, Blythe Custom dolls, her own original dolls, puppets and other art expressions. She is inspired by fairy tales, classic books, films, illustrations and the magic of everyday adventures. The style of the brand is vintage with a modern playful twist. IHWs has participated in many exhibitions in Junie Moon, Lele Junie Moon and Auguste Clown Gallery; also taking part in Blythe conventions in NY, Seattle, Portland, Tokyo, Málaga, Barcelona and Paris

If you need any information, have questions or would like to inquire about our custom work, please email to: blythe.wings@gmail.com



「I Have Wings」はドール クチュールやカスタム人形のアルゼンチン工房です。

Romina Galotta(37歳)ブライスの手作りドレスを作り始めたときに、2004年に設立されました。

現在、世界的販売 ブランドで、ニューヨークやパリやバルセロナなどでドールショウと展に参加しています。


全て人形は現実的な審美的に重点を置いて、 柔らかくて甘い特徴です。


日本語で質問を答えて, 注文をお受け致すことができます。