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April "Sailor Girl"sets Preorder
to Apr 8

April "Sailor Girl"sets Preorder

Hello dear IHWs Friends,

It’s already April! Time flies so fast! I’ve been very busy with work but I’ve been wanting to make these Sailor sets again since Blythecon Shanghai. I decided to go with three color ways.

  • Sailor Girl in Yellow

  • Sailor Girl in Acqua

  • Sailor Girl in Lilac

    Set contains a Sailor dress with brass buttons at the front, a floral underskirt, a pair of lace stockings and a headband. These will be for preorder in a very limited quantity for each color ( due to very limited fabric left).

Also on this Sunday I will have 3 Horseys in Ochre available ready to ship.

Shop update will be on Sunday 7th at 10 a.m. (Buenos Aires time).

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February "Tokyo Girl" sets Preorder
8:00 AM08:00

February "Tokyo Girl" sets Preorder

Hello dear friends! Welcome to 2019! This is our first set of the year and we wanted to recreate this lovely set of Bomber jacket and long skirt that we did back in 2016 for Blythecon Brooklyn.

There will be 2 colors available: 5 in Coral and 5 in Black. Please note that this is a very limited preoder and there is no more fabric left. If there are problems with the shopping cart and there are multiple sales or double sales, I will have to cancel orders. I am very sorry about this! (i always try to accomodate for everyone to get the items but in this case it is out of my control). Thank you for understanding.

Set contains:

  • A bomber jacket made with japanese traditional fabric, quilted sleeves, working zipper. Fully linned.

  • A short lace blouse with a front bow and button decoration. Closes at the back with 2 snaps.

  • A long high waist skirt made with pleated fabric. Closes at the back with a button and strap.

(Some have asked if the color of the skirt can be switched, and yes it can be done. But I advice you purchase the Jacket you like and then email late to see if I can switch the color of the skirt. )

Shop Update will be on Thursday, February 7th at 8 A.M (Buenos Aires time).

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Special Set "Winter Lights No. 4"2018
10:00 AM10:00

Special Set "Winter Lights No. 4"2018

As it is a tradition here at I HAVE WINGS, every year around the holidays I like to make a couple of special sets ‘One of a kind’ with a lovely winter coat and many items and details.

This year I start with this lovely and cozy “Winter Lights No. 4” set in shades of purple, aqua and yellow.

Set contains:

  1. A wool coat with faux fur hood, front zipper and button details. Completely lined (even the sleeves).

  2. A lovely blouse in Liberty print cotton with ruffles on the front.

  3. A pair of trousers with suspenders.

  4. A pair of purple stockings.

  5. An embroidered pinafore in white cotton voile.

  6. A cotton purple skirt with scalloped embroidered hem.

  7. A pink petticoat with lace details.

  8. A beret in yellow wool blend with pom pom and aqua trim and bow.

  9. A wheeled Vintage pull toy Dog in purple velveteen.

Set will be available for purchase on Monday December 17th at 10 a.m. (Buenos Aires time). There is only 1 unit available and is unique.

Thank you!

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Cosette Dress and Dogs Preorder
10:30 AM10:30

Cosette Dress and Dogs Preorder

We are back with new designs! I am really happy to be home and be able to create new things and toys for our favorite doll.

In this shop Update, I will be doing a Pre-order for the new Cosette Dress Set and for 2 different colors of Doggie Pull-toys.

There are few quantities available. I’m sorry about this but I am limited by materials.

Shop Update will take place on Thursday November 1st at 10:30 a.m. (Buenos Aires time zone) (Here's a cool website to check the local time). Thank you!

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Shop Update October 2018
to Oct 5

Shop Update October 2018

Hello dear friends!

It’s been a while. This past two month I’ve been busy working on things for Blythecon Shanghai. It was a wonderful experience! I am still travelling through Spain, but I have some few leftover sets that i will upload on Thursday, October 4th at 10 a.m. (Spain time).

Available will be:

  • Pale Pink Dusty Sets

  • Folklore sets with Bonnet

  • Antique Sailor Boy in Blue with Horsey toy.

Hope you like the collection and good luck!

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June Shop Update
to Jun 22

June Shop Update

Hello Dear IHWs friends!!!!

This is an update I've been working on for a white. I hope you enjoy the new items! Tomorrow Thursday, June 21st a 9 a.m. (Buenos Aires time) I will be updating the shop with:

  • Antique Boy Sets: Sets include a Sailor blouse, a pair of gathered pants and a hat. 
  • Raspberry Dusty Dress sets: Set includes a Dress, a petticoat and stockings.
  • Horsey Toys: Fabric and wooden toy horses for your dolls.

All Items are ready to ship! Ship worldwide with registered airmail (with tracking number).


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May Folklore Dress Preorder
to May 2

May Folklore Dress Preorder

Hello dear friends, it's been a while. I have two new dresses for preorder this time. I'm sorry it is a rather small update but I've had a busy April and May ahead. The Folklore dresses have puffy bishop sleeves and tassel decorations. They are made with a combination of japanese gauze and Liberty prints cotton lawn.

Preorder will start on Tuesday, May 1 st at 9 a.m.

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March  Party Dress Preorder
to Mar 21

March Party Dress Preorder

Hello dear IHWs friends!  After receiving many requests for the Party dress sets during the past months, I decided to open a preorder for 3 color versions: Pink, Yellow and Blue.

These Party dresses come paired with a French lace petticoat and pair of stockings to complete the look. Hope you like them.

Preorder will start on Tuesday, March 20th at 10 a.m. Buenos Aires Time. (Here's a cool website to check the local time). Thank you!


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February Shop Update
to Feb 17

February Shop Update

Hello dear friends!

I had a lot of requests for the Bomber Jackets so I decided to make a small preorder for both previous models and two new ones. Also available on Friday is another Special Coat Set. I will keep adding pictures in the upcoming days.

Shop Update will take place on Friday, February 16th at 9 a.m. Buenos Aires Time. (Here's a cool website to check the local time). Thank you!

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